Program Philosophy

Ascension Core Values:



Our mission is to provide meaningful, measurable, and impactful lacrosse development in an athlete-centered environment with relationship-driven coaching. Our goal is the ascension of our athletes from their current state to their desired state by providing experienced lacrosse pedagogy, dynamic training, and transformative mentoring.


Ascend lacrosse player skill development, enhance athletic development, and fortify personal development

Ascension Lacrosse Academy was designed in alignment with the Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model for 'Learn to Train' and 'Train to Train' player readiness ages.

Training at The Right Age


Ascension Lacrosse Academy is built on the science and impact of appropriate Training vs Competition time at the appropriate player readiness ages.

Training versus competing right amount of time

Active Start

(Ages 0-6)

No specific ratios: all activity based on developing physical literacy and child's passion to play and participate.


(Ages 6-8)

All activities FUN-based including some structured competition

Learn to Train

(Ages 9-12)

70% training to 30% competition-specific training and actual competition.

Train to Train

(Ages 12-16)

60% training to 40% competition-specific training and actual competition

Train to Compete

(Ages 16-23)

40% training to 60% competition-specific training and actual competition

Train to Win

(Ages 19+)

25% training to 75% competition-specific training and actual competition

Active for Life

Based on individual desire