Performance Training

True Sports Physical Therapy specializes in sports rehabilitation and understands the unique needs of every athlete looking for the best care. Our focus on the principles of sports medicine and our years of rehabilitating patients experiencing a wide range of injuries and ailments allow us to offer a level of service unparalleled in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Whether your current goal is to get back to your sport, or simply go through your day without limitations, we are here to get you back to your team.

Integrated Customized Athletic Performance Testing.

Training will evaluate and prepare Ascension Lacrosse Academy athletes by focusing on:

Ascending speed, agility, strength, endurance, flexibility, and injury prevention.

Ascension Lacrosse Academy Training Provides Access to Certified Nutritionists

to educate athletes on how fueling decisions off the field, between games, and at practices can also improve their overall athletic performance.