About Our Girls Program

We would like the shopper to know why they should pick ascension and not another training platform so should we put this at the top of our bio page or make a specific tab of “Why Us?” or Our Approach to Training”.

We think it is important to communicate our approach to coaching and what we offer girls in terms of their training and development.

Our training is designed to do more than just teach skills from footwork to stickwork.  We have a unique focus that leverages our distinct credentials and experiences while emphasizing a comprehensive approach to advancing girls’ development.

Here is an overview:

  1. We focus on technique. From a technical perspective, we know the game: we’ve played it, we’ve coached it, we’ve watched it and we’ve spent hundreds of hours dissecting it on film, in coaching workshops, and on the sidelines. Especially as girls are developing and solidifying their playing skills, there are no shortcuts to getting the basics.   We reinforce this through drills designed to isolate all specific skill sets. 
  2. We focus on total player development. We understand that players—especially adolescents—need both physical skills and mental focus to reach their potential. Our training addresses both: while we constantly roll out basic and advanced skills, we also push girls to understand the game, anticipate live-play dynamics, and to know how to “read” the field with enhanced game IQ. Our vision of total player development also includes a commitment to teamwork, owning your role as a team member, and focusing on your contribution to the collective effort.  We know this is also what college coaches are looking for: total and complete players who will make a lasting impact on their programs. 
  3. We GET adolescent girls.  Understanding middle & high-school age girls and their physical and emotional development requires experience, patience and commitment. We are seasoned coaches who know how to breakdown the game for them, but we are also classroom teachers, educators, and moms of adolescent girls. Together, we have raised eight children and coached, taught and mentored hundreds of girls. We have seen it all and we know how to handle girls as individuals: we know the approach that works with one might be different than what is needed to get the most out of another. We have the judgement and the confidence to match our coaching to each girl according to her strengths and weaknesses. In our training, each girl has an identity, she is not just another interchangeable player on the field.