Location has been changed to Coppermine Norris Field

2020 Summer Rep Redux

August 25-27 at Coppermine Norris Field

  • Our younger players lost all practices and games from 2020 spring season. Players between the ages of 11-15 are at the developmentally critical “Learn to Train” and “Train to Train” stages. https://ascensionlaxmd.com/program-philosophy/  
  • We want to replenish those reps to help advance our lacrosse fluency. These high tempo 3 sessions will feature Ascension’s “3T” training progression focusing on technical, tactical, and team situational aspects of lacrosse. https://ascensionlaxmd.com/skill-development-training/
  • Players attending the Rep Redux will gain opportunity for invitation to our fall academy.
  • Location: Coppermine Norris Field 
  • Dates and Time: Aug 25th to August 27th from 5-8pm  (5th&6th grade 5-6:30 and 7th&8th grade 6:30-8)
  • Cost: $195 
  • Target number of 100 total, 25 at each age group with a 6 to 1 player : coach ratio. 
  • Roster:  6A, 9M, 6D/LSM, 2G, 2F/O per age group