2020 Fall Ball Primer

Open to 2020 graduation class.

Dates and Time: Monday, August 3 to Thurs, August 6, from 10:30-12. 

  • The 2020 class lost countless reps during the canceled spring season. They will soon be joining their new college teams and entering a crowded space with all current players having the ability to re-classify. Ascension is offering college prep primer for 2020 players. This will be a 4 day high level, high tempo, high rep, competitive college intensity simulation to prepare the players for fall ball.
  • Location: Gilman School 
  • Cost: $250 
  • Target number of 40 players and 8 coaches for 5 to 1 player to coach ratio. 
  • Roster:  12A/12M/12D/4G